My walking challenge: week 2 & 3

In my last update, I had a good experience with walking once a week and I wanted to take it up a notch. I noticed however that my agenda was full of moments that asked for quite a walk, such as shopping for hours, going out and working on a festival for a whole day. So I’m glad I did those things but did not plan any other extra moments.

Although I felt I began to gain more energy it still seems to demand a lot of my body and trying to work from morning till night was a bit of wishful thinking. After these two weeks, it felt like a truck had run me over and then again in reverse. Oops! Back to morning activity and rest afterward!

So, for now, I’m adjusting my schedule to once a week in the morning when I have another activity that demands physical energy and twice a week in the morning when I don’t!


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