No time for civilization, all you need is food

So the important lessons from today retrieved out of my ‘they saw me rolling, I ate it’-sushi date are All you need is food and life is too short to be civilized.
After a short night not breathing through my nose because of a cold I decided to make it a sort of quiet day.. Meaning that I packed my backpack for Australia and purchased a light jacket for the trip.


It was hard not to pack too much. I noticed it was easy to overpack things I probably do not need extra.
Since I want to be fit next Monday I treated myself on a healthy lunch during my packing break. If I’m not able to grant myself some rest (*shakes head disapprovingly) I should at least nourish my body well. Salmon, fruits, whole grain bread.. The more color the better!


Besides that I know perfectly well I’m slowly slipping into my bad habits with eating. Tiredness: late night snacking, busy: easy food choice, but all of those choices aren’t getting me the energy I need, so I’m back to keeping track of my meals! This time with an app that’s more accurate than the one I used before, making me conscious about what I choose to eat.


But! Without food there’s no celebrating and I really needed to pay a visit to my bucket list inspiration Yinling. Together we devoured a mountain of home made sushi and discussed our job and study midlife crisis, went through our bucket list together and eventually became one with the couch. Sometimes that’s just what you need. Food and decivilization. That life’s too sort to be civilized refers to our bucket list and us trying new and sometimes uncomfortable things. Some people react that they’d never do such a thing, why would you want to do that or why are you that excited about that. It’s not about how weird or small it is, it’s about being open towards experience and knowledge without judgment. Here in Holland we’re often called a bit sober, if you act normal, you’re acting crazy enough. And that’s a beautiful way of handling things, not making things too hard or exaggerated, I know a lot of people who think this way, but it’s nice to step out of your comfort zone too sometimes (: even those things can be fun.

Now that’s out of my system, I really should get some sleep to get better and for work tomorrow!

Selamat tidur!


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