Note to self: don’t forget to breathe!

IMG_20150425_212215So I was sitting here thinking about what to write for today’s blogpost, while
my best ladyfriend was blocking my view again. I guess she missed me!
While I payed attention to her I noticed my body’s tired. Ever have that you’ve been busy or working all day, but do not seem to be tired until you pause for a moment? A moment ago I had all sorts of ideas and subjects popping up in my mind to write about: the difference between accepting and approving, finding my Doppelganger and have a drink with her, making a difference for someone else, colorbooks for grown-up’s and so on. But if I have learned something in the last six months it’s to do something with what I observe in my body, to get a grip on my mind with being alert and focus on what works / is effective. Observe, describe and participate without judgement. You can’t do it right or wrong, you can only experience and notice. For me a breathing exercise works just fine, so I tried to do that with my purring cat on my belly. With focussing on my breathing I detected some pain in my back and heavy limbs that I wasn’t really aware of during the day. Well maybe I was, but chose to ignore / leave it, there was ‘no time’ for it. So at this very moment I want to aim my attention on what’s effective and that is giving myself some rest. Taking care of yourself reduces your vulnerability for negative (emotional) experiences!

Care to try an exercise for some heedfulness yourself? Getting the idea it’s all a bit vague? Try to put your judgements aside 😉

Mo’s tip:
if you are ever restless and feel like you’ve got chaos in your mind and you want to return to the here and now (read: stop worrying), remember your breathing is always with you anywhere, anytime.
(Besides, you’ve probably endured so much already, you’ll survive all what’s happening now and what’s still to come.)

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