Recipe: Vatel inspired Nutella Bueno dessert

In the category “clog your vains” I present my recipe for my Vatel inspired Nutella Bueno dessert! Last week I had dinner at my friends place and he asked me to take care of dessert. So I started thinking of an idea for dessert and this is what came out!


The Nutella Bueno dessert recipe (10 pieces)

Nutella Bueno dessert-ingrediënts

Baked Meringue

6 eggwhites
100 gr sugar (superfine or powder

There are lot’s of different ways to make meringe, but since the meringe is gonna dry out in the oven (3 hours on 80 degrees Celsius) it’s n0t necessary  to make Italian or Swiss meringe. You can just go with the French, which means you beat the 6 eggwhites and add sugar gradually untill it’s steady and has soft peaks. If you can turn your bowl upside down without anything falling down you’ve done an excellent job.

Note: I thought it was ok to use regular sugar just for this once, but as you can see I probably overwhipped the meringue or it’s because of the sugar. It’s not as steady as it should be, but! It still worked out fine.

Once your meringe is ready use a piping bag to make perfect rounds. I didn’t have excess to one when I made it, so I used a plastic bag for food and cut of one of the corners. When you’re all done with making the layers put the plate in the oven for 3 hours on 80 degrees Celsius. I had to play a bit with our oven to get the right temperature. As you can see mine turned out a bit more baked than dried. If you’re drying them perfectly they stay white.

I’m not a patisier! I love beautiful desserts, but taste is the endgoal for me.

Nutella Bueno dessert-meringue

Nutella Bueno dessert-meringue-finished

Nutella Cream

100 cream
100 creme fraîche
350 gr nutella
200 butter

This one isn’t too hard! Just mix it all up until you get a smooth cream. Just be sure to mix the heavy ingrediënts first, like the butter and nutella (which is also an option if you’re going for butter cream without the cheesy taste to it and want it to be more stirdy). Believe me things are gonna be everywhere if you’re putting a piece of butter in unwhipped cream :’).

To get the cream more stiff put it in the fridge untill you are going to prepare the dessert.


2 egg yolks
250 ml milk
2 tablespoons of flower
75 gr sugar
vanilla aromat (or if you’re going for the real deal use a vanilla pod)

I would have loved to make this Nutella Bueno dessert with a hazelnut cream besides the Nutella cream, but unfortunately there was no hazelnut butter to be founde anywhere and so you’ll find a recipe for one here soon. Instead I went for Vanilla custard, a great combination with chocolate.

I heated the milk until it started boiling with half of the sugar and a bit of vanilla aromat. Upfront I mixed the flower, other half of the sugar and the egg yolks together. Once the milk mixture started boiling I added it gradually to the egg yolk mix, while whisking and put it back in the pan to let it cook for another 5 minutes.

After your custard is ready be sure to put some foil over your bowl while it’s cooling down. If you don’t there’s a huge chance there will form a skin on top and that is not what you want.

Brick by brick

Nutella Bueno dessert-party

Nutella Bueno dessert-finished

Time to build that dessert! Depending on how high you’d like the dessert to be you can choose how many layers of meringe you use. I just used two, but three would have been nice too.

Use a pipe bag to fill the first layer with the custard and Nutella creme and make any decoration you like on the top layer.
I used the Nutella creme, because I had more of that and topped it off with pieces of Kinder Bueno. Ofcourse you can go full mental with this dessert and make all kinds of variations!

I hope you’ll like this recipe for my Nutella Bueno dessert <3 My brother and the dinner party approved!
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Nutella Bueno dessert-tasty


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