One size fits..

IMG_20150521_193632At last! One sizes fits me! Well, at least at the top department. I’ve never fit in one size fits all jeans, not even when I was twelve. That doesn’t matter though! The idea that I fit in clothing that’s clearly smaller than what I am used to shop, makes me really happy and even more motivated!
I saw this dress at a store and I thought to myself: why even try it on? You know one size normally doesn’t fit you. My eyes however were glued to the flowerprint on the dress <3 . <3 and begged me to try it on. Well, okay then dress, I said to myself, because you insist. So now I’ve purchased my first victory outfit <3 Who says I should only reward myself when I reach my goal? I think I’m making these small victory rewards a part of my succes in the process getting there ^.^ ! As I said it motivates me and makes the nextthumb victory a little closer. I’m glad I tried it on, because it also happens to match perfectly with my fresh haircut (hehe). The crow who attacked my hairdo yesterday apparently disagreed with it, so I took it’s advice and got myself a haircut.

To continue on one size fits all, and with that I mean generalization, I met someone on the street today and I was actually a bit startled by his story (should it be true). The person I met, is a 23 year old football player (soccer) from Ghana who had just moved from Berlin to my neighborhood, because he’s in the middle of a transfer from a German club to Sparta Rotterdam. Since he has been here for just two weeks he doesn’t know anyone and really wants to make some friends. He had to say goodbye to his old team players, but hoped to find new friends here. When I asked him why he started to talk to me out of the blue in an attempt to make new friends (in a curious way, not rude) instead of connecting first with his neighbours to get familiar with the people he’ll live amongst from now on, he told me he tried to talk to some people, but they all ignored him and were in a hurry to get away when he tried to start a conversation or said ‘hello’. He wasn’t sure if what he thought was true, but he had the idea that those men and women, mostly caucasian, did not want to speak with him because he’s black. I must say this thought is an interpretation of his experiences and indeed may not be true, but even if it wasn’t about that, why would you not want to be friendly and meet your new neighbour? Are all bad or dangerous people strangers? Is even greeting strangers odious? Not everything and everyone is what they seem to be or what you think they might be. You know, some people talking to you on the streets, might actually just want to say ‘hello’. He was so glad I responded friendly that he thanked me for just saying ‘hi’ back. A stranger might just be a friend you haven’t met yet. And if he turns out to be dangerous after all, you’ll notice soon enough and can always call the police. How will thinking the worst of people get us anywhere?





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