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A Mo without food is like a, ehm, a sea without water. I don’t know, you get my point! So how can you still enjoy every bit of cooking, baking and eating while trying to get in shape? I told you about binging a while back and here’s something new to think about. It’s an idea from a psychologist I spoke with this morning.
Here it comes: mindfulness. God, no, not again, you might think, but hear me out about mindful eating!
Just as with observing your breathing you can observe what you’re about to eat or eating. The shape, the structure, the color, the smell, the taste. Describe it in your thoughts as you’re eating it, as if you’re eating it for the first time and have to tell exactly what it is to someone else. She told me that she had seen people, who tried it with fastfood and snacks, telling her that when they payed attention to what they where eating, it wasn’t that tasty anymore. Not as tasty as when they were eating it fast. She tagged it: food for filling, fast filling, because people couldn’t really enjoy it when eating it with attention. Noteworthy was that this often wasn’t the case with (raw) fresh food. If there’s something important to me it’s enjoying my food! It’s experiencing and relaxing at the same time for me. Food really makes me happy and you’re probably going to hear it a thousand times more <3. Side note: this information comes from her experiences with people she has treated, I can’t confirm it as a fact, but it’s worth trying and maybe I can find some more info from research on this subject too. From her story it sounds like quality over quantity applies on food. If I say this out loud it actually sounds pretty logical. If I think about it, when you’re eating fast, you may not notice off-things about ‘bad’ food. On the other hand, melting chocolate in my mouth… Hmm, got to test this sometime with McDonalds or something to experience for myself. Though, I already did notice that I started to dislike the taste of McDonalds when I stopped eating it for a very long while. Somehow it doesn’t taste as good anymore as I thought it did.
Second (something that I do know is true): it takes time to eat your food with full concentration, keeping your brains busy and notifying your body you’ve spend enough time on eating and that it can be satisfied with the amount of food you’ve put in your stomach.
So it seems less is more! More time to enjoy the taste of food and more health on the long term. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed it! I hope you will come check out the new post on Real Life Natural Wife and leave me a comment with your thoughts! Have a great weekend!

  2. This is an interesting topic which is so true, I eat quite a balanced diet generally but whenever I eat snacks I eat them so quick that I don’t consider what’s in them until I read the ingredients on the back!

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