Peace of cake

20150604_122519Eating and doing absolutely nothing besides enjoying the sun and talk, talk, talk. In a nutshell that was my day. Great day, though I say so myself.
I can stripe something of my list and feel completely relaxed. With my best friend I visited The Tea Lab in the city of Rotterdam (which was on my list) and got myself a piece of cake. I’ve wanted to visit the place for a while now and today was the perfect day to do so. The weather was great and we both needed a break and some peace of mind. YES, peace of cake!

I ordered myself a honeydew and cucumber flavored iced tea with a piece of hazelnut pavlova frosted with what I believe was a Nutella kind of frosting.
I loved the taste of the iced tea, fresh and not sweet at all. I think it’s a great thirst-quencher for hot days like these. I’m definitely keeping this beverage in mind! And the cake.. Oh, what to say. Chocolate.. I need not say more <3
Weren’t you trying to lose weight? Yes, I am, but the best way to stay motivated and maintain your diet is to allow yourself from time to time to eat something you really love, but isn’t that healthy. Cheat days have nothing to do with failure, it has everything to do with controlling your cravings and temptations. It would be hard to maintain your diet when you don’t allow yourself to eat anything ‘bad’. When you finally do eat that something bad, it’s probably more excessive and it’s more likely that you’ll throw in the towel, because you’ll have the feeling you have failed. So eating a piece of cake as part of a way to control your eating habits is not such a bad idea!

Ice, ice, baby! (the sample of under pressure is constantly repeating in my head. I watched a documentary of Queen last night 😐 , I just had to make a reference to Vanilla Ice. Note to self: add Kurt Cobain’s to the list)


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