Perfect mix


Whoa. I absolutely dig it here. At 4 in the morning I arrived in Cairns and the first thing I noticed: everyone is friendly and haven’t met anyone yet who looks like they got a stick up their ass. Sorry, dutchies, but we’ve got a lot to learn, just saying.


So arriving at 4 has it’s own nice problems, like unintendedly waking up the dorm because you’re as blind as bat in the dark :$ shining with a bright light would not be an option too.
Luckily I already met a nice girl who just a me arrived recently and we’re up for a beer later on and maybe snorkeling together when her boyfriend gets here too!

First things first I needed to get some groceries after waking up. Food, sunscreen, shower gel and most important a prepaid card!
I got one with interwebs and free calling within Australia for exactly 28 days. That’s just perfect (: now my mom can stalk me anytime he he.

[Edit]: the guy who helped me at the shop is originally from the UK, but never left when he went on holiday and is here now for 5 years!

When I wanted to walk out of Cole, the name of the supermarket, I went to the parking lot instead of back in to the mall, because this view had caught my eye.


I’m just here for a few hours, but it feels good. I feel relaxed. It’s like being home at my grandma’s in Indonesia, but with the structure of The Netherlands.
A perfect mix. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this every morning?
Where do I sign?

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