Perron’s closing week: a mindfulness exercise

So I arrived home at 6.45 in the morning and I suddenly remembered what I like so much about being up in the early morning at a Sunday. The world is still asleep, but slowly waking up. There’s this nice quietness; only broken by the sound of singing birds.
A tiny moment to consciously observe and experience what is around you – things you normally do not give a moments thought. It is just part of your daily environment and routine – things like those birds. Stopping and observing with attention helps me remember I do have great things around me all the time.

Be in the here and now with attention without any judgements

It also give you time to really notice what happens in your body and what it is trying to tell you. Since all your feelings have a function and affect parts in your body.

There is no wrong or right when it comes to emotions. It let’s you know things

Well, I felt happy. This I felt in my chest.
It is funny how this picture below is true.


It can also help you determine what you feel, when you’re not sure what is going on with you. With giving words to your emotion, you can understand the function. I’m sure my happiness tried to tell me that being around friends makes me feel good and that meeting new people is important to me.
Not what you expected when you read: Perron’s closing week, huh?
But, yeah, last time Perron was great!
I wonder what the new opened Annabel will be like!

For those who’d like to try or know more about mindfulness, watch this Ted Talks of Andy Puddicombe:


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