A personal update: working on a new product and how I got there

The last few years I’ve only come online every once in a (long) while, while I used to write a lot. Every single day with a personal update during the start of this blog to at least every other week. So why so little now? I hope to tell you a bit more on it with this personal update.

Why I started writing on Mo’s Wanderlist

Well, I remember myself everytime that I started this blog with a good reason: as an aid to my own quality of life. Writing has helped me a lot. Over the years it slowly turned from serving me to serving you, because I knew I could. With all that I experienced, that desire actually grew even more.

Doesn’t it serve me anymore?

Writing less doesn’t mean I don’t learn anything anymore, but it does mean I do need less of it’s service these days, which is actually wonderful! It’s quite a regular timeline, isn’t it? Looking for your path as a 20-something to find up just growing up alone does you really well, but especially when you’re eager to become that best version of you. The version of which you know houses somewhere in that body of yours.

Might you be wondering, I started this blog in April 2015! Which was the first thing to stripe of my bucket list, my motto being to exist and to experience. And up until now my still lifesaving one is:

Change what you can change. Accept what you cannot change, and know the difference.

Over and over and over

6 years have passed since I consciously chose ‘me’. The thing is that you have to choose yourself everyday. Again and again, because life’s written to throw it’s best at you – not to necessarily break you, but to teach you. And the underlying rule seems to be that you just won’t thrive if you don’t want to be taught by it or if you don’t want to show yourself compassion.

So while taking on a lovely job besides my own projects the last two years, I’ve been choosing ‘me’ by focusing on my gut health with different nutritionist and doing everything that needed to be done for my mind and the chemical imbalance that came with it.

Doing what I do best: creating

I also decided to spend time on creating a tool, combined with all my experiences to help myself – and if you wish to: you – to remember to choose myself more easily. Forgetting is always easier and it might just slip through the daily cracks of life. You don’t need to be a hot mess for that. That’s just being human 🙂 and I wanted to tell you something about it in this personal update.

Creating has always been my passion. Some of you must have read it a thousand times already. I think that if I’d put my mind to it, I could create just about anything. Figure of speech. It runs in the family genes to have spatial awareness, Indonesian/Asian style, just like my mom. They too take ‘if it fits I sits’ very seriously. There’s always a way. It might not look normal, but there is a way.

Indonesia 2014. This is quite a regular sight to see. There would fit at least one goat and one person extra on this motorcycle. Believe me, this photograph is pretty basic. The goat would be bound by his legs around the waist of the last person on the bike, and maybe a smaller sibling would sit up front. What do you mean can’t?
You see, we’re practical like that. We need just one chair :’) From the left: my mom, my sister and 21-year old me.

Besides that I have a dad who can draw, create and fix about everything, and a brother who uses his mind the same way I do and makes music, stories and more.

What about that tool?

Well oke, Jeez, Mo! Long story short: what will you be creating for us then? Well, to give back bits and pieces of what I’ve received, I’ve been designing a Mind & Body Planner in my spare time. I’ll be working on it for a while longer now, but I hope to share it with you soon. My only policy: use it to your benefit and rip out whatever doesn’t serve you.

I know that when it comes out, it will probably be more ‘one for the girls’, the way I designed it. But having said that, I’ll be more than happy to put in extra time for a more suitable-to-men version. When it’s done I’ll hand out a few to different people to test it for me, before I’ll put it in stock.

XO Mo.

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