Pilates two weeks in: Happy new routine!


Yesterday the scale said Happy new butt! but that does not happen to be my resolution fort his year :’) Unless that butt is getting into shape ofcourse! It’s time to say bye bye to binging and hanging around. I already layed off the alcohol almost two months now and prepare nutricious breakfast for a couple of days at a time. Healthy decisions are going to be a part of my routine again. No ‘might be’s’ no ‘maybe’s’, sometimes you just gotta do it.


Halfway there

As you might have read two weeks ago I started the beginner calender of Cassey Ho to get into Pilates. Hows that going so far?

30 minutes of my time

The beginners calendar features videos around 15 minutes and mostly two of them. So I’m never busy longer than that, which makes it very easy for me to keep up with the calender. Before you know it the calendar is part of your daily routine without you having to push yourself.


Like Humpty Dumpty

This doesnt mean there hasnt been any challenge in it for me! Whenever there’s a stretching moment I’m struggling with my flexibility! When I was younger I did cartwheels, salto’s, splits and all that jazz! Now I’m happy if I won’t tumble over :’)
And allthough it might seem easy, these short workouts are not for the weak! Your core WILL be burning.
And honestly I’ve skipped a couple boxes! Couldn’t exactly bring it up to do everything with the holidays and some days I chose an early bed time over a video.


Building strength

But there’s also a plus side. Everytime there’s a video you’ve already done you notice certain muscles are stronger than before and that in a short period of time! It certainly makes you feel better about yourself achieving something every day, even if that is something small.

What are your thoughts on getting back in a workout routine?

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