Post-Sunday’s post: no fitness, no food (bananaaa!)

Aah, there she is again with her recap on a.. whoops it is monday already? I’m really not good at this, am I? What happenend with my 28 days habit challenges :’)?
Another legit reason, I says!

The inside of the library is bearable at least (: love the changing projects. Look at our baby skyline!

This week I’ve seen more inside walls than I would like. At least half of that time was for work and research for my thesis. Though, I find it terrible to be inside and stare at my laptopscreen for hours and hours, typing word after word.. I’m actually proud of my productivity for my studies this week. Gives you a rather competent feeling!
Without any feeling of guilt I planned to go to Amsterdam in the weekend after work for what I believe has been an awesome party. Yeah, I believe it was..
Unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure to witness myself. On my way out of work this horrible feeling in my stomach turned up and somehow it became hot as hell.
And there we were the whole weekend..
20160402_184907 Lady cat a bit offended she couldn’t sleep on my tummy, but still sleeping comfortably enough as you can see. She just had to do without her human pillow for her human was scared to throw something up that looks just like the chick peas on one of my sandwiches from this week. 20160401_115112

I swear it’s really good stuff, chick peas, red peppers and garlic, but yeah, you get me..I guess all the bustle was finally catching up. When will I ever learn to calm down? I must have said it 10 times in a row now in my recaps, but it’s time to stop bite off more than I can chew.

I love food. I really do, but this weekend I didn’t even wanna think about putting some food in my belly. I mean look at this nice dish. There is chicken on that plate, you see.
Me and chicken is like my cat and catnip. Ok, maybe not like that, but you get my point.
I looked at it and thought: what’s wrong with me :'( why I eat no chicken?
‘It must be really bad,’ bf said, ‘you and not eating chicken?’ :/
No fitness (and I mean that in the way of health), no food! Jamu tea is my best friend now <3

Luckily today’s afternoon finally seems a bit better. The nausea seems to be less and I even ate a banana sandwich <3 Thanks to bf who inspired me at the beginning of this week with a banana bagel while I was working at the library.
Being sick sucks, but overall I’ve done pretty good. I mean, I came up with a new sandwich I’m in love with now <3.
Sitting at home is not for me, but with time on your hands, the least you can do is  make a sandwich :’) and think about what matters.





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