Pre-Sunday’s recap: hangin’ in there

So honored to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Inr03. I was just thinking about my undisciplined way of writing the last couple of months – I mean this topic used to be an every sunday recap about fitness and food :’) – and found out this awesome strong Mom-blogger nominated me. Be sure to check out her blog!
As by the rules I will nominate 10 other bloggers with less than 300 followers and state 7 things to know about me. Hold your breath for I’ll do this in another post.

Now back to what my post should actually be about! You know, to focus on one subject at a time instead of all that comes to mind this instant :p

Fitness and food… Ah, yes. How will I put this. I made some progress since the last time, but I haven’t really yet found that drive back yet. There’s so much going in my head lately and lot’s to deal with. I prefered to talk a with other people to consider what’s best to do, instead of figuring it out all by myself (which I’m rather good at).
Once given the best advice friends and collegues can give me I just step on my bike and ride home or anywhere else. This is where my progress is. I use cycling to give my head a rest and since I’m having some issues dragging myself to the gym cycling is the best alternative for me right now (:
The weather seems to get better and there’s nothing I like more than fresh air and the sun in my face.
Sometimes the sad panda face..

S20160308_135049.jpgometimes the happy one (:
When in comes to food I can’t deny I tend to be more easy-going than I wish I’d be.
I’m prepping less and when I feel bad a piece of chocolate is most welcome, but I know the happiness of a bite of chocolate will not end my problems :’) and it definitely won’t last.
Knowing that I haven’t lost my creativity yet!
Whenever I have time I make fresh meals with my brother and still bring yummie lunches to work<3



What do you think? Do I need to kick my ass a little more or is it sometimes a wise choice to slow down a bit.

At least today was a great day, finished a nice interview for my thesis at the library and ofcourse took my bike!






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