Recipe for Monday


You work the whole week, plan every social activity in on the evenings after working days and do all the rest you have to do the night before another working day. I guarantee you, mix it all together and you’ve got that lovely Monday morning you’ve always wanted to bake.

Hmmm, something tells me I should back down a little!
It’s strange how easily you’re back in old routines.
If there’s one thing traveling does, it’s making you aware of who you wouldn’t want to miss for the world in your life. Now that I’m back I might be a bit over enthusiastic to see those people. Apparently I have lot’s of friends and that’s actually a great thing to know.
The other thing I made sure with traveling without limits is being broke. Good motivation for working extra, a bit less for your health doing so!
Or not? My health insurance and I might think differently about this subject if you know what I mean :’) hello, Bill, how’s your Monday morning been so far?
It does make you inventive, though, being broke. I’ll see it as an experience that comes with the whole traveling! November and December, all those birthdays and holidays and all those zeroes in the pocket :’)
Yeah, I’ve been busy last night, but I believe it’s worth it. It makes me more nervous than spending money, but it’s a good kind of tension. There’s a lot of me, passion and effort in the project I’ve been working on and that’s all I can say for now (I know you’ll be reading this and this is all you get!!) It was too a strange kind of relaxing. I put on some music and went happy bananas for the rest of the night.


Now I think about it, the week is already over and I haven’t made time to see that hairdresser, go to the gym or even what I love most: write. Watching the food, though, has been a great help to keep going. Allthough I must say there might have slipped a carrot cake or ice cream into my belly. Friends, family and food, I mean c’mon, right? :$
Now that I’m writing again, I’m helping myself think about what’s been important and plays a good part in my days, concluding there’s much need for a little more me time, instead of time for others. They’ll know I’ll love them anyway, if not now you know!


To help myself figure out what things I’m participating in and what I’m busy with I decided to work with an oldschool agenda again.
Putting everything in my Google agenda does not help me as much as something as real as paper. (Hmm, lot’s of as here)
Thing is, your phone is spamming you all day long.  What’s another notification from your agenda? Nothing. To me it’s just another notification, no overview, no urge, no structure, no image. It may sound weird, but I have to visualize things, know what things look like, even my day. It gives me some peace. I can touch it and I can’t ignore it.
I like to find new things to ground me daily. If I don’t watch me I’ll just take off like that, taking me longer to come back.

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