Resetting my monthly goals

So, more than 28 days have passed now and I have completed my challenge. Well, completed.. sort of! My face looks great, honestly, I haven’t had binge episodes lately and I’ve picked up fitness and cycling. So did I with alcohol this weekend, but that’s another story :’) It has been an eventful week and releasing some tension at a back2the90’s party seemed like a great option.



A good friend has been missing since last week and on a monday I was told to graduate after the summerbreak and hand in my thesis just befor. Not being on time with this stuff freaks me out at times. I know I haven’t really failed due to the circumstances, but I can’t help but to feel a little disappointed. Remembering my therapy a lot lately I know it’s ok not to push my boundaries and that my gut just tells me this graduating thing is a huge deal to me. And that is not weird at all, it’s probably for most of us, right :’)
I’ve been working all day everyday the last couple of weeks and it did not make me the most prettiest girl in town to hang out with. Apparently I do need a break from time to time and that’s not something I do not know! The best ways surviving busy weeks is to take enough time for yourself anyway! So I’m back to those set of rules again and that meant a party fit right in that schedule! It’s not that I had a deadline to make anymore 0.0

Now I sense that some feelings start to block my everyday life again I need to stay in touch with them and let them flow (away) to cross the most important finish line. And so these are my new goals for the coming month:

  1. Stay in touch: Meditate weekly
  2. Let it flow (away): Keep going on with exercisingMy cat agrees. Take care of your assets!
  3. Let it flow (away): Do something fun every weekLike dining with friends. There some sort of hamburger pattern here :’) Not sure that is in sync with my fitness goal.
    20160512_181934Or just hang around all day. Not really in sync too.. eh?
  4. Crossing the finish line: Make the june 20th deadline without working myself to death

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