Rhythm & Blues and all the other colors to reveil

Having a harder time to get back in my daily rhythm than I thought. I’m tired before the day is over after work and I struggled to drag myself to the gym yesterday. It was last minute, but I went 2 hours before closing time and completed 3,5 of my 4 circuits. I think I underestimated how quickly your condition can deteriorate in a month without regular excercise. Gotto work on getting in shape again I guess :’)
For now I’m dreaming away, bringing back the color in my pictures of the Passions of Paradise tour from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef. It will take a while to sort every pic out, but I love to do so. It’s like candy to your eyes, looking at images can be comforting at times, not? Looking closer, looking longer. Becoming aware of the beauty of things with dwelling on that what has always been there. Sometimes reinforcing positive sentiment, stronger than what you actually felt at the time, appreciating the event eventually even more.
I don’t know, images mesmarize, weither it’s a view, a painting, a picture, a memory. Anyone know what I mean? Hard to put into words what it is I exactly wanna say.




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