Belgium – Rowing the boat and stimulating the economy

The Adennes – Dinant

It has been a busy weekend in Belgium. I had a lot of sleep to catch in ?. A weekend away to the Ardennes was exactly what I needed after month’s of trying to graduate, working that part-time job and other activities I got myself into. Little did I know that sleep and rest wasn’t really on the menu.

It was more like row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.. Shut up, Carl! Kayaking 21 km’s in Dinant with the fear of getting overturned by angy men! RAWR!

Super Mo couldn’t do much, but to go down like a captain with her ship and shipmate?

Nah, it was an awesome weekend. I ate a lot, peddled a lot, drank a bit, but most of all laughed a lot. It was quite cold during the nights, not even 3 T’s, 2 pair of pants, two pair of socks, a scarf and a sleeping bag could bring me good night’s rest, but the ride home absolutely made up for that.

Naps in the car are the best!


On Monday, Yinling and I went back to Belgium to stimulate their economy by shopping in Antwerp! Food of course was not left out of the equation and I bought the cutest dress❤

I felt my outfit wasn’t really complete without a fresh cut and lovely shoes, so I spoiled myself too with new peeptoes and a visit to the hairdresser.

Now tomorrow I’ll have the day off to find my last items befor leaving for Thailand the 3rd of August. I’m wondering what will and will not change within these two weeks in Turkey, where I’ll have a stop. The people of the world are nuts in their heads.

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