Setting new goals, motivation and focus

“Where are you going? Where have you been?”

In my most recent post from a week ago I wrote about enjoying the little things in life. And so I’ve been doing all that. Besides working I remember celebrating Halloween, been writing a lot of music with my little brother, baked whenever I felt annoyed and aimless (received another rejection, but we’re not caving in!), did a movienight and am preparing to see my best friend, who came over from London, tomorrow. All good things, but today I noticed I lack goals on free days like these.

Aim and fire

Let’s go back to that part about me being aimless. We all dream, but it is goals we need to make them come true. Yes, I have certain goals for the near future like a license and a new home. A new trip far away is also one of them, but since I’m riding the reality-wave these goals take a lot of time, effort and mostly money. And allthough I’m aware of small things that make me happy, I still feel a bit aimless. Probably untill I’ve reached my savings goal to get my drivers license to increase job opportunities and a chance of a new place for myself. You see ,all these goals are linked to live the dreams I have.

You know the feeling you need to work towards something? Well, I do, and I am, but besides working I’d love to achieve other stuff too! So I grabbed my most recent version of my bucket list and looked at what I could work on in the meantime without spending a sh*tload of money. Things that will keep me passionate, focused and motivated through the days and things that will revive my will to write. I didn’t move for nothing right!

New goals

So for the next couple of months I’ll be working on three goals to give my daily life purpose and direction. Three things to focus on for myself and to write about.

  1. Write about my weekly “little things” (living mindful)

  2. Getting back to a healthy weight

Yeah, I might have loaded myself up with good Thai food, cookies and pies (I bake when annoyed or bored) and all that, but… no fitnessing. Truly have to find something for that, because winter is coming again and I’ve stopped cycling to work. Brrr, the cold!
And to be honest I have fallen out of love with my gym. It’s packed with machines nowadays and there’s little space to freely train. So besides having time and effort troubles I’m also starting to dislike the place I used to train and its costing! Bodywise and moneywise :’) So I’ve set two goals regarding health! What motivates me? What do I need? And what healthy alternatives make my tummy ‘yummie’?

  • Find out per week what motivates me most to exercise and put it to practice
  • Food, collect a weekly recipe


  1. Recording a song of my own / perform on stage

Actually I work on this every week since I’m back from Thailand, and I am glad I am. Either I practice with the band (yes, I’m in a band after a long while!) or write with my brother on songs. This is a goal to release tension from time to time and something I happily put passion and energy into.

Another thing that’s not on the list, but quite important is finding out what I’m also really passionate about besides music. What might be a field I’d love to work in case my music goal doesn’t work out despite the goals I’ve set? I’m a stubborn little kid, I only wanna do what I feel like, but reality might demand a back-up plan.

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