Signs of love the size of Gojira


© Jimmy Israel (2nd & 3th on the right with my best friend <3)

This saturday the amazing Yinling posted a link on my timeline showing the little signs of love in every day life. Though, the approach was about us not sharing our last dumpling (NOT EVEN ONCE!) I wanted to know if I was missing any daily signs of love I could appreciate more. And well.. There are loads of them. Actually some very litteraly!
The last month has been about working and learning, learning and working, so when yesterday finally the day arrived to watch Gojira (Godzilla) play in Nijmegen with friends I couldn’t be happier. It still overrules my weariness! Just as much as watching the firework shows on friday and saturday.
So now that I am thinking consciously about it, these are major signs of love I’m aware of and would like to thank people for.

  1. Buying me dessert, because I can not afford it at the moment
  2. Holding my hand, so I won’t not trip in the dark
  3. Warming my hands, because they’re cold
  4. Letting me know that they’re happy for me
  5. Driving me places, because it’s easier for me
  6. Making sure I drink enough, so I won’t faint
  7. Making me food after a long day of work
  8. Giving me a place to sleep with all the comfort I need, with morning signs like these: “eat something before you leave!!” & “To Mo” with breakfast vitamins and all.
    20150825_011348 20150825_053923




Really, some people can melt my heart at 5 am in the morning <3

20150825_163021So how was Gojira, you say?
Freaking f*cking amazing <3 Tomorrow finally camping with my best friends!! Probably no post until friday. Can’t wait what it will bring us, hihi.
At least got our snacks for on the road!

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