Peanut Butter time! Super simple peanut butter cups recipe

Can’t get enough of Reeses, peanut butter, chocolate or sweet in general? I love making my own sweets as I know exactly what I put in it can up or down the sugar game if I think I need to! If you’re not one to spend a lot of time in the kitchen but wanto impress with homemade chocolate goods that have a core, this peanut butter cups recipe is a good one.

All you need is two ingredients, silicon cupcake forms and that ini-mini bit of your time to make this snack mood food!

Peanut butter cups recipe


  • Peanut butter of choice
  • Chocoloate of choice

Make it has healthy or freaky as you’d like! Do you go for a cup with a crunchy core? Maybe even almond for a change? You can even toss out the peanut butter and change it with cocos if you’d like (Homemade Bounty Cups recipe soon)! The layer around can be ultra dark or white, marmer.. Have at it! Once you’ve done this recipe once, you get the basics and you can go all out.

Let’s get started

For 6 cups you can melt about 300 grams of chocolate. Melt these in two halves. You start with 150 first and leave the rest for later. You’ll soon see why. Microwave, au bain-marie, your choice, just keep your eye on it and stir.

Devide the melted chocolate over the 6 cups and place it in the fridge for a couple of minutes until it is solid again. Put in a dot of peanut butter or filling of choice, but make sure it doesn’t touch the edges.

Melt the rest of the chocolate and poor it over the peanut butter. Tap the cups on the counter or table one or two times. This helps getting the top smooth.

Put it in the fridge again and done! If that ain’t super simple I don’t know what is, and don’t say buying it from a store :’) Enjoy my peanut butter cups recipe!

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