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Momentopname 1 (6-3-2015 12-01 AM)Aaaaaah… Lying in a freshly made bed. One of the best feelings in the world! My lady cat agrees. She is already snoring! On the keyboard ofcourse, because that’s convenient.
I’m proud of myself today. It has been a week ago since I last went to the gym. Despite the bad weather and not having a fitness buddy again I went to the gym again and picked up where I left.
I must say I felt bad a little for not going for a whole week and it made me wonder if I have reached this point where I’m starting to slack. It really took me some effort to go. So what can I do?
I started to read Kayla Itsines’ blog when I came back home. It always helps me to get on track again! This post in particular has some good points I’m really going to use, because I love working out and the progress I make.

20150602_212603So first steps first: letting my guilt go. I’ll have to accept the week as it was (does not mean I approve it) and make room to decide what my next steps are. It’s not wrong to feel a little guilty, but it will not help me if I will hold on to it! It has done it’s job: letting me know I need to do something.
I’ve been doing a lot lately, but I’m also procrastinating when I plan my workout in the morning. Most of the time I’m sleeping that hour extra, because that’s what I need when I have busy weeks to take care of myself. Nothing wrong with that. It’s actually a good thing, but it takes extra time and when I wake I still have to prep to go. So Kayla’s tip to prep my bag the night before is a great idea! It gives me the time to sleep a little longer (going to bed early could also be an option) and makes it easier to just get up and go. I’ve packed my bag just a few minutes ago and plan to go tomorrow morning before work. Let’s find out if it really makes a difference!
Second, maybe I should alter my workout routine to keep challenging myself. I’ve been doing the same one for a while now and since I don’t always have a fitness buddy, it sounds like a good plan to make it more fun for myself to do!
Don’t know yet how to change my routine, so any suggestions are very welcome! I do both cardio and resistance. Maybe I’ll try Kayla’s guide, but I’m not sure yet. It looks hardcore!
Finally, perhaps rewarding myself everytime I go, can help. I’m a bit broke, though. Well, broke enough to not keep buying stuff, let me put it that way.
Hmm, what other ways to compensate? (Unhealthy) food would be a pitfall to me. It would be easy to trigger a binge, knowing myself. Keeping the structure/schedule I have would be wise.
Let those ideas flow (: !


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    1. Yes, sometimes it can be, but find out for yourself why you really want it (: and try to make it fun and positive! Doing my workout with someone else really helped me! I loved doing it together. It makes it easier to go! Now I want to add something extra to it, because I don’t always have a fitness buddy. It could also help to write down your progress. It gives me the energy to go again, knowing I can do it (: and I’m very sure you can do it too if you really want it!

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