Snorlie beach

Was to tired yesterday I wasn’t even in the mood to write something! Haven’t really done much, besides hanging around at the lagoon of Airlie beach and doing groceries to cook myself a proper meal.
In the evening I wanted to go out for a drink, but after calling with boyfriend I never woke up from my nap. I slept for almost 11 hours straight and woke because I was hungry. Well, I believe I needed the rest.

[Ok, hold on. While I’m writing this I notice the girl next to me wears the exact same bikini as me. Nooo, not cool (‘:]


After my veggie filled dinner I had this huge after dinner dip and thought a nap would do me good. Well, I feel great now, so it must have been.
If I have learned anything from traveling alone up till now it’s that I shouldn’t save on food (did that and experienced some problems in my tummy!) and that it’s nice to stand and go wherever I want. Not feel like going out last minute, then don’t. Wanna stroll around all day doing nothing but looking in shops, do so! I did so today.
Did some useful things too ofcourse! Booked a night at Rockhampton and a daytour at the Myella farm to have a chance of scenery besides oceans and beaches. Can’t wait to see kangaroos, ride a horse and hopefully take a motorcycle lesson!


Back to shopping! Bought myself some shorts and two singlets. Throwing the old ones out, because I can’t use the extra weight! Ofcourse I did it all budget style since I purchased a new phone which I didn’t exactly calculate into my budget. So only what I need and will use more than once.
It’s hard to not buy all the pretty hippie and beachy summer garments, but it’s best not to. Here in Australia I would wear them, but back home in The Netherlands it would probably disappear in my wardrobe for good. I mean, summer, what’s that thing you call summer? I forsee wind and rain, my God. Ok, let’s not think about that yet, not now I still got this view.


Ok, back to snorlaxing the sh*t out of my day!

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