Stardust & Thunderstruck

Whoo! Last night after a whole day of resting and sleeping there was something that made my, ehm, night! ‘Watching a meteor shower’ has been striped of my list! Between 3 and 4 am my (not so) little (anymore) brother and I went out to see the stars falling. I was afraid polution would ruin our sight, but fortunately we could see just enought to see at least 10 of them.
I would definitely do it over once again under the right conditions, but I am happy I’ve seen some (:
We saw a couple with long and bright tails, really beautiful to watch!
We also laughed a lot. Glad I spend some time with my brother, something we don’t do very often. I really appreciated his presence. He reminded me not to forget to make a wish, right after we saw one ‘falling’.
Though I was unabable to record any meteor, I did record something, which will remind me of the fun I had. Something more important to me.

20150813_041455Ofcourse before we went back to bed it was required to fit in a midnight snack.
Don’t worry I compensated with a healthy breakfast this morning! Yoghurt with warm apples, strawberries, honey and cinnamon <320150813_094825

Today was such a hot day and it has ended with rain and thunder. This time as well we both took the time to watch it together.
One moment we’re watching a meteor shower in the clear sky, the next we’re observing lightning and dark clouds!
I’ve moved the curtains away from my window and I’m staring at the spectacle now for a few hours, since it started. There’s something calming about it <3

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