Still got jazz when I got those blues

imageAaaaaaand she’s done! One of the most important things on my list at the moment has been striped off officially! Today I said goodbye to my therapy group! In a whole year I’ve learned to love myself for who I am, set boundaries and how to be in balance with my rational en emotional mind. I will never stop learning, though! I will always be practicing skills. The most important thing I wanted to give to the group, and everyone else who reads this, is that going back to start over is something no man can do. Writing your own story from now on to create your own ending (because you don’t have to be bound to the life you’re living, you make the choices) however we can, all of us! Just accept that the ‘now’ may also be your starting point for we cannot change the past. That’s why I gave every one of my group mates a personal notebook with this note and my favourite quote that some of you might have read before: ‘Change what you can change, accept what you can’t change and know the difference’. Besides that every notebook has it’s personal message from me to them. Thread in all of them being that no matter how bad it gets, things will always pass. Nothing is forever, neither the bad moments.
Always remind yourself:

I still got jazz when I got those blues – Lana Del Rey’s Terrence Loves You

It’s not the circumstances who make you who you are. It’s you who handles the circumstances xx

Thanks to those who stood by me and didn’t lose faith (: For those who did, I made it anyway!


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