How to be the glitch in your routine

The downside of traveling: back to reality

Last time I wrote a post into the world I was still in Thailand having a great time on Koh Tao. Returning to Koh Samui, two or three days before my flight back home, reality started to kick in again. Endless conversation between my college and me about graduating as fast as possible.

Before I knew it I graduated a couple of days after my return and got pulled back into daily life as if I had never boarded the plane. I went back to work for 4/5 days a week and forgot all about going mindful through life. Now two whole months with the same routine have passed by and I haven’t even written about my trip to Ayutthaya yet, which honestly was amazing!

The black hole: stuck in routine

It’s quite normal for mosts graduates these days to fall into a black hole after you graduate. Finding a job is hard for some fields: you ‘lack’ experience, but you can’t afford it anymore to do unpaid internships. So you stick with the inbetween job you have now while trying to keep that spirit searching actively for the next step in your ‘career’. Staring into the nothingness while working on automatic pilot and is not ever going to change anything. Neither is the question that keeps on popping up in my thoughts: “what am I doing here?” When routine gets a grip on me I start craving purpose. What is my next goal? My greatest support keeps telling me every day: “this is just temporary. Everything will be fine. Go do what you love.”

Back to the little things

And he is right. Reality is just reality and I have to accept it as it is, but I’m still in control of what I add to this reality myself! Certain things like making money are constants in life as we know it. But routine is what I’ll make of it and ‘working to pay the bills makes me happy’ said no one ever! Now it seems like I really want a lot from life and maybe I do. I mean, have you ever seen my bucket list? This bucket list also contains a lot of little things I love and would love to do. Little things to break the week, strenghten my confidence or what not. If I’ve learned a couple of things from my travels it’s to enjoy the little things. So that’s what I wanto pick up again. Focussing on the little things  (and doing them with attention too!) with blogging and make them the irregularities in my routine.

I’ll see how this works out, but I’m already glad I wrote again. Writing is one of those little things that makes daily life a little less plain.

What am I complaining about? I had lot’s of wonderful things the last two months! I just need to remember <3




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