Over a year of SUBMIT Fest: discover the anthems of tomorrow

Submit Fest Phoenix

I’m one of those people who work with gut feeling and can see something grow before it happens, even if it has to take a certain amount of time and sometimes will have a slow start. I give an honest opinion and lay foundations which seem like nothing at first, but give you all the advantage later on. While professionalism and care can seem like dying virtues in the music industry, I try all my best to keep the heart in music and the professionalism in the business. Balance, what a thing aye?

Together with my girls from SUBMIT Fest I highly support bands who love their music with all their heart and know their business when it comes to working off their butts. It is hard work, not just for your team of pro’s, but especially for you.

In the bands we book for the festival we see growth by hard work and enthusiasm and a quality we can’t deny the crowd full of young and some old who love to discover the new anthems of tomorrow. Providing for them a bridge to times to come full of modern metal.

The construction of International, National and regional is paying off for the bands and crowd we love to organize this for and it’s interesting to see how there’s more movement in our own scenes in our city and the area around it. In a variety of genres people are working to strengthen their scenes and emphasize the importance of their locals and the upcoming.

Another beautiful thing of a small country such as The Netherlands is that it’s easy to keep in contact, support and follow as your colleagues go. To help them around and learn from their experiences, a helpfull thing if you want one another to succeed.

Over a year of SUBMIT <3
Jess, Push & Baroeg, thank you and to many more years & anthems of tomorrow.

To all of you who aren’t acquainted yet with SUBMIT Fest and the bands we believe in, have a listen and feel free to follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Spotify to discover awesome talent:


SUBMIT FEST is the indoor festival with thé best ‘up and coming’ and ‘breaking through’ metal acts from the local, national and international scene. With a focus on present-day- and quality acts, the festival provides a filter for the vast variety in metal music from new generations with a broad perspective on different genres and styles. That way SUBMIT connects artists on a regional, national and international level with each other and the audience, for together they are the scene.

SUBMIT believes in the strength of the dutch metalscene and the talent of the new generations.

SUBMIT – Supporting the scene together

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