Sunday’s Fit&Food recap week 1


Besides some weak moments (spot the cheesecake brownie*drool) this week I can honestly say I’m really proud of myself!
I’ve been working out according to my schedule and found some joy in experimenting with food making it yummie for my tummy and delicious to my eyes as well. Eating like this doesn’t feel like ‘dieting’ or anything at all. It’s more of a happy & healthy thing.
So no eating healthy stuff, just because I must! It has got to make me happy too (:
Most of the time this means boring food makes me long for something else. I just won’t eat it and snack afterwards, better make a feast of every meal then!
I decided to track my fitness en food progress every Sunday (now that I feel like I’m on the right track again! And that during the holidays, oh my) to help me realize what I achieve every week and stay motivated.

Now that I actually took a look at my timeline I know I’ve already got the strenght I need in me to reach that bucket list goal: a healthy weight (& keeping it!).

Personal tips:
Fit: just do it
Food: happy & healthy

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