Sunday’s Fit&Food recap week 2: The Christmas battle

This week started out great. I fought the monday with a legs & cardio workout and it did not win!
Watched my intake like a good girl, counted my calories and ate things like oats with blueberries for breakfast. You know, those healthy but happy recipes!
Up until wednesday that all went fine! ‘The most wonderful time of the year’ came around again, which started early with visiting a Christmas market that day where food is.. well, all around and what it’s all about :’) On thursday I planned to workout with my brother, but we wrapped ourself in wrapping presents and preparing almost the whole day! I thought time and the overload of food would become a bit inconvenient during the holidays, but actually I did fine and I will tell you how.

Christmas breakfast @ Euromast
Christmas dinner @ Shabu shabu

The food part: I ate lot’s of different things! A bit of this, a bit of that, hmmm. I think I enjoyed the food just as much as everyone else did. Thing with menu’s, buffets when going out and  christmas dinners is: in most cases there’s a variety of dishes you can choose from. People are doing their best to serve at least a couple of things you like, not? Well, as I said, I ate lot’s of different things, but just kept in control of the amount of food and stop with eating sooner than I’d normally do, because THERE IS ALWAYS MORE. Familiar? :’)
You think you’ve had it all, but there the next cake presents itself! Sometimes I said no, sometimes I said yes. Saying no to everything would only feed my cravings and I wouldn’t be enjoying myself.

The fit part: Oh, no there’s no time, boohoo! Yes, I’m absolutely one of many who uses this argument to skip a workout, shame on me. Actually I must admit Christmas can be a bit stressful to me. So much to do! So many gifts to buy! So little time!
Doing 30 minute or less routines at home meant I could both save some time and take a moment to ground in all the chaos. I did that and accepting that this week may not be exactly how I think it should be, but not necessarily bad at all. Do you have any idea how much you’re running around preparing :’) ? I just kept in mind I will continue where I left off and that working out in the gym is not thé only form of exercise. So is walking for hours finding the right gifts or strolling around a whole day around a Christmas market! According to my tracker, I walked more than on normal days!


Personal tips:

Food: keep track of your intake and enjoy every bit of food while staying in contol! Choose healthy or just go for a smaller portion. Don’t withold yourself too much, your cravings will gain up on you.
Fit: location & time during holidays suck, no doubt about it. I did a short workout at home to save time and as a way to relax. There is a lot to be found on the internet, get inspired and search for some ways to exercise at home without equipment if you don’t have any. Use your body weight for instance! To not overdo it and wear yourself out, change your perception of exercising. Riding your bike and walking instead of public transport or car is also a form of exercise and easy to carry out.

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