Sunday’s Fit&Food recap week 6 : not quite it, but good enough


At the Swan Market with Yinling, on a quest for food

How’s that? Not quite it, but good enough. Well… No lack of food at the food department this week. Yesterday’s bf homemade pizza, today’s pulled pork and whoopy with coconut at the Swan market with Yinling.. BUT, I had no worries about it, it was a week to enjoy whatever I could enjoy during hard work and celebrate now that I finally have my GO for my thesis proposal <3 If these are all my ‘cheats’ I am content with this week.

It’s a GO <3

I had my first running session and didn’t overeat anything, I even have trouble finding clothes to wear in a positive way (I feel a shopping spree comping up).

My personal tip for this week:
Have a go at that food when it can do you good, just don’t overdo it and don’t compromise! Compromising would only bring an end to a positive experience 😀

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