Sunday’s Food&Fit recap week 3: Writings on the wall

OOPS. Seems it is not really a sunday today, there goes my attemped to be punctual. I must be a student ?. Anyway, can’t say last week has been a bad week when it came to fitness!
Not going to deny I’m glad the holidays are over.. The only ones trying to stuff me now would be the mom’s, but I think I can handle them.
This saturday I noticed two girls doing the same circuit training as me. When I asked what week they were in they answered they already reached the 9th week and that it gets easier with every week that passes. It’s nice to see they’re booking results. Makes me feel like I can do it too! I’m just in my 3rd week, but I have to agree with them that I already sense more strenght and endurance.
One of the girls said to be proud of doing week 1-3 straight without starting over like she did so many times. So no shame in being proud of yourself I guess!

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Another way to motivate my brother (who struggeld with the last session) and I is writing our goals on the wall of the gym. They made room for a sort New Years Resolution wall. Everytime we walk by we can remember ourselves why we do it and that we can be proud working on it, since we will only see it if we visit the gym.

As for food I experienced the benefits of food prepping later this week. Now that I’ll be more away from home with school and work it can come in handy leaving the snacks and junk I buy when I haven’t prepared anything. It also made me come up with a new delicious recipe: roasted pumpkin with paprika, onion, cherry tomato, garlic, olive oil and provençe herbs <3 Had a great dinner and lunch the day after.

Personal tips:
Food: prep your food! I read about it, I tried it, it works. It decreases the probability that I will give in to unhealthy cravings and brings the opportunity with it to do what I like and that is cooking! And who would not rather have grilled veggies and a nice piece of chicken or fish for lunch instead of 2 boring slices of bread with something I found in the fridge in a hurry(guilty!!!)

Fit: know why you do it and write down your goals. What is important to you? I read last week you have 40% more chance of achieving your goals when you write them down and keep them in sight.
Second be proud of yourself once in a while. It’s a great feeling to know you do well and that small achievements matter. It helped my brother finish his last workout. The second time it will feel like a piece of cake!

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