Sunday’s Food&Fit recap week 4: 28 days later…

I’ve turned, oh noeeess! All you poor people who are fed up with fit stuff :’)
Does it truly take 30 days to make or break a habit? Well let’s see… It is now 28 days later and I start to feel like it doesn’t take as much trouble anymore to visit that gym or to prepare my meals, to leave that piece of chocolate for what it is or finish that workout.

I think I’m starting to like going to the gym, say whaaaaat
Jup, you read that right. When stressed out I feel better afterwards, when I eat healthy I’m nothing but proud :’)
‘Yeah.. It looks nice’

So my personal tips for this week and for the people who ask how come I reached the point I am now on both fitness and eating: make that month. Even if you have bad days, let them be the bad days, but continue anyway. 4 weeks in and I think I’m getting used to it. We will see if I really am!
Tomorrow is my first day of school and time will tell if I’ll survive the Central Station of Utrecht where I’ll have to walk the PATH OF FOOD2GO. Chocolate, fries, ice cream, sandwiches… Train stations are just packed with food! I prepared my lunch, may the force be with me :’)



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