Sunday’s recap week 7: no fitness, lot’s of food and a beautiful prospect


imageBeen so busy this week I haven’t consciously given a thought about how much to work out or anything.
I’m munching away a cookie and getting comfortable to watch Sons of Anarchy as we speak❤

Honestly I was glad today was sunday and my first real free day of the week! Naturally I started my recovery with some of my mom’s soto last night, what else?


Being so busy is exhausting, there’s definitely some lack of sleep here and I keep forgetting to write about my holiday trips send the Aussie pictures to the people I met on my trip and what not (sorry, guys!), but it seems to pay off in other ways.
I teamed up with two awesome bands and handed in my research plan for the same business (completed as good as I possibly could) this friday.
Working a lot has it’s benefits too, because as from today it’s finally official, Pat and I are going to Thailand this august! I’ll drink another wine to that ?❤
Instead of buying a much needed new laptop? I spent my money on rest and  new ways to learn things of this planet.
Can’t wait to go?



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