Surfin’ Bird

Make that a chicken or something. Today was my last day in Byron and I began it with my first surf lesson ever and it was super awesome. Gaz and Matt from Style Surf are absolutely great teachers and I could stand on the board with the first wave! And besides that I had a great time (: loved the sense of humor. I’ll never forget FIGSAM (‘: F*ck I’m good, so ask me (safety first, that was clear). That also counts for the jokes as dry as the drought Australia is dealing with, but it definitely was a great start of my morning.
Glad I could squeeze the lesson in on my last day, because I also build up some new contacts within my working field during that lesson. Whatever can happen if you just go out and try new things, heah?
Rod, a photographer was there too, so I’ll be able to show you some pictures soon to give you an impression! He also caught a whale on camera while we were surfing, which is super awesome. It was really close! Can’t wait to receive them.

[photo edit] Thanks, Rod!

Surfing can be striped of my list now and I’ve got much more than I thought I would. Much appreciated!


You can’t leave Byron without a proper goodbye, ok ice cream, so I went for frozen yoghurt at a corner of Johnson’s. When Quirin told me to really go surfing in Byron and get some ice cream I thought he’d probably mean this one.
Love the concept! You just grab a cup, choose your flavour(s) and add your toppings yourself! If you can guess the weight you’re getting it for free. I was 64 grams off (‘: and no not lighter. I guessed heavier than I eventually had in the cup.
266 grams of pure delight! I have no idea what I put on top of my coco and chocolate, but it was all very chocolatey. Hmmm, yes


All in all, it was short but cool in Byron, which can be summed up like this: beach, surfing, relaxing, food, hippies and lot’s of bare feet.


Right now I’m headed to Sydney right on schedule. Rima, I’m on my way (: Oh, and I’ve got got my jeans on, people. The weather is not getting prettier, but finally my heavy bag has purpose. Long pants and wool vests come out!
And my vest is obviously made for snacking. I mean, look at it!


Oh, whatever happened to my: not buying snacks, so I can’t eat it intention. Anyone? This is not going go well. Shame on me :$

Unfortunately something at the end of my schedule changed. The person who encouraged me to come over to Australia and who I was supposed to meet for the first time in I believe almost 11 years has other commitments and how we wish it was different, sh*t happens.
Meeting him is still on my bucket list and there’s a small chance we could still meet up, but if it’s not the case it is what it is. I’ll just have one more reason to visit again!
Waves come, but they’ll also go. Though a huge deal to me and I honestly feel disappointed, I’ve had a great time here so far and will also do in Sydney. So thank you anyway for giving me the idea to visit. We will meet (:

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