Surprise! Slug at work


My poor poor legs.. Whoa they’re sore! Had the biggest struggle leaving my bed on my free day yesterday, but I went to the gym anyway and apparently when I do so I look like a tomato. Thank you bf. I like you too.
Luckily we’ve found a way to motivate me whenever I’m tending to slack and turning into a little slug. :$ my next goal isn’t about fitting a particular dress or buying something specific. This time I’m working that butt to a surprise that’s apparently waiting for me! Oeeeehhhhh. I can’t I know what it is and every time I’m complaining I do not want to go I might lose this surprise ๐Ÿ˜ฎ !
I’m a sucker for presents & no pain, no gain. Not on physical level and not on surprise level. Hihihihi

As for today I met up with my best friend before going to work. Both crying our eyeballs out, figuratively speaking, feeling the tension and pressure of doing the right thing to build up a future. Doing boehoee won’t get us anywhere though, so in December we will be visiting a presentation in the capital city to help us a bit out with what comes after finishing your studies. Time for new inspiration!

At the moment I’m making lists to create some order into my own chaos, draw myself a map of all my opportunities and ideas for my thesis. Just a few weeks to go, applying for my studies again comes closer and closer..
While thinking about that I also dived into a volunteering project which I believe is good for my experience and may come in handy for my studies too.

Lot’s of work for this little slug now she’s back from traveling, pfoe!

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