Sweeter than apple pie

Sweeter than apple pie, sweeter than candy on a stick. Today was a great day! I took my time to have a good sleep (something I definitely needed) and then went to Breda to meet up with my two best friends for lunch at My Sweet Pie. Yes, I traveled for food and good company <3
Without being aware of it, because we we’re so busy tittle-tattling, I completed something on my bucket list: eating backwards as in starting with dessert. After long deliberations (it seemed impossible to choose) all three of us started with this delicious cake with toffee and Belgian chocolate.


Oh my lord of instant heart attacks and sugar rushes <3 it was so yummie. After this toffee cake we decided to go on with what we came for: lunch.
We all ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. Mine was an Italian one with sweet cherry tomatoes, oregano and salami (great combo!).


While we we’re eating all these lovely dishes we talked about how to spend time this summer and we came up with the idea (again) to go on a trip for a few days. Camping and kayaking in the Ardennes both seemed hilarious IMG_20150709_135607ideas to us (we would seriously die of impossible causes, clumsy as we are) and guess what, these are on my bucket list too! It would be awesome if I could stripe two more things of my list this summer, especially with my best friends.

On our way home I felt tired. Could it be possible I had a sugar dip? When I got home though, I had loads of energy and went directly to the gym, doing cardio and working out my back and biceps. My back is really going to be sore tomorrow, but in this case it’s a IMG_20150709_221122‘sweet’ pain. No pain, no gain and it gives a nice feeling knowing you’ve exercised! One thing is for sure: we’re done for today.




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