Final countdown!

Hanging out with my lady cat I just realized some things! Within a short amount of time I’m going to stripe off 4 things of my bucket list! Just 1 more week until camping with my best friends an probably kayaking, 2 weeks until I’m officially done with therapy and 5 until Australia! And tomorrow […]

1 out of 5..

So! Had a great afternoon at a birthday (: Lot’s of chitchat and serious talks about the future. Some collegues and I were also making plans for maybe moving out together. “Getting myself a new place” is still being worked on, but it doesn’t go as fast as I had hoped for! Oh, well, it’s […]

Honesty & confrontation

Honesty and confrontation. How these themes both were so important today. Busy with writing a business plan it’s confronting I can’t find my focus yet. Frankly my business friend thinks I’ll probably never have it, because I’m creative and take on everything I like or love to do that comes on my path. Though it […]