La place to be

At first I wanted to write about my level up masturdating experience last Friday in a La Place. How I felt the weird empowering feeling of sitting at the head of the table, overseeing everything. Comfortably taking my moment to rest after a long day of work before I went to a party. How I […]

Working it out

Aaaaah, hahah. My abs are in pain. But that’s ok. Glad I finally got my ass in the gym again (: Fueled myself up with my mom’s ayam & bakwan before I went, also known as delicious veggie cookies ^^ Pfoe, I’m really tired. I worked, cycled and did a workout today, but it feels […]

Honesty & confrontation

Honesty and confrontation. How these themes both were so important today. Busy with writing a business plan it’s confronting I can’t find my focus yet. Frankly my business friend thinks I’ll probably never have it, because I’m creative and take on everything I like or love to do that comes on my path. Though it […]

’til you drop

So yesterday after work I visited Eendrachtfestival alone. I planned to see one band, but instead of leaving at 8 I left at 12, when I really felt I was tired. I got caught up in a conversation with complete strangers to me and somehow learned a lot about languages and politics, very interesting! I […]

One of those days

It seems today as if Murphy’s law is the only law. Ever have one of those days where things just can’t seem to go right and your own thoughts and feelings are making things even worse? I’d be lying if I’d say I have everything under control just because I’m working with mindfulness for myself […]