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  • Silver linings playbook

    Autumn is coming, I tell you! Rain, rain, rain, and last but not least rain. I notice how the changing weather and the amount of work from the last weeks is finally making my fire burn low. I hoped I wouldn’t be next, but yes, here it is: I’m having a cold. None of these things […]

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  • The fire in our hearts

    What a day with all that occured! It started with me being such a muddle-head to show up at work 3 hours too early. I had a change of shift and must have been elsewhere with my head. So I decided to stroll around the city since the weather was great and finally took place […]

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  • Stardust & Thunderstruck

    Whoo! Last night after a whole day of resting and sleeping there was something that made my, ehm, night! ‘Watching a meteor shower’ has been striped of my list! Between 3 and 4 am my (not so) little (anymore) brother and I went out to see the stars falling. I was afraid polution would ruin […]