Hello Darling

Good morning, Sydney! Crowded and busy city, that’s something else than Byron, not? Arrived yesterday morning at the central station where the railway hostel I’m staying also happens to be. Had a bit of luck that I could get into my room straight away at 8 am and it was much needed, I can tell […]

Surfin’ Bird

Make that a chicken or something. Today was my last day in Byron and I began it with my first surf lesson ever and it was super awesome. Gaz and Matt from Style Surf are absolutely great teachers and I could stand on the board with the first wave! And besides that I had a […]

The boat that rocked

So! Whitsundays, very glad I did them. After a spontaneous night out I did an overnight tour on the SV Whitehaven. It was windy and cold, but definitely worth it. No really I wasn’t planning on entering a sailboat a sort of hungover, but I did. Back in the room at 3, waking up at […]

We can’t all be heroes

So I was listening to Wax’s We can’t all be heroes and it turned out to be just what I needed. Yeah, I’m a lyric listener. Last night was the first night I put on some sweat pants, because it was getting coldpChilling my white ass shining as clear as a full moon on the […]