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  • Behind every blogging girl..

    Just got home from another great trip to another city, sightseeing like a tourist in my own country, eating delicious food and more food. Putting the bf to work taking pictures everywhere, anytime. Behind this blogging lady is an awesome guy helping her out working down her bucket list, taking her places, listening to ‘photoooooo, […]

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  • Ass to the grass

    Go deep or go home :’) just got back from the gym and I didn’t think I would be so happy to workout until I was finally there and just did it. This time I convinced my brother to come with me and I realize how much I miss a fitness buddy! I had so […]

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  • The muslim girls & jewish girl

    The idea that they have done something and that they did it together two muslim girls and a jewish girl engaged in a conversation. They were complete strangers who connected in 3 minutes on the public transport. I listened and smiled as I observed them, tired from my days of work. They wrote ‘Muslim are […]

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  • The embodiment of not so different

    I always say I’m not just some girl, but when you drag your crush through the city buying a travel bag, to your work, in a photo booth and chit chat with your best friends in a hospital (way too loud!) about him without a break in laughing I’m not so different after all. When I […]

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  • La place to be

    At first I wanted to write about my level up masturdating experience last Friday in a La Place. How I felt the weird empowering feeling of sitting at the head of the table, overseeing everything. Comfortably taking my moment to rest after a long day of work before I went to a party. How I […]

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  • Keep on going

    My head was shining like the happy sun of the Teletubbies and walking down the stairs is never my favorite activity after legs :’D, but I’m proud of myself I went to the gym today! It has been too long, but now my course is done, tomorrow also therapy (something I’ve been preparing for all […]