Serious request

Help. I’m stuck. Existential crisis upcoming related to business. I need someone who can help me focus without limiting myself, asks the right questions and can provide eye openers with that. The main theme: what do I really want? As for now it seems I want so much and do everything that’s coming my way, […]

1 out of 5..

So! Had a great afternoon at a birthday (: Lot’s of chitchat and serious talks about the future. Some collegues and I were also making plans for maybe moving out together. “Getting myself a new place” is still being worked on, but it doesn’t go as fast as I had hoped for! Oh, well, it’s […]

’til you drop

So yesterday after work I visited Eendrachtfestival alone. I planned to see one band, but instead of leaving at 8 I left at 12, when I really felt I was tired. I got caught up in a conversation with complete strangers to me and somehow learned a lot about languages and politics, very interesting! I […]

Dynamo Metal Fest

Mwuoah! Had a great yesterday working at Dynamo Metal Fest. Most of the time it didn’t even feel like work at all ^^ I had the chance to see Alestorm, Biohazard, Nuclear Assault and Death Angel, the absolute highlight of my day. The energy was amazing and that’s just what makes me love this scene. Whenever […]

From Rock-bottom

So I went to Buma Rocks! (international conference and showcase festival for loud music) today for the subjects that were up for discussion. Completely solo, which takes some effort, since I’m jumping into a place where I don’t know a lot of people yet. That did not matter, though, because I did it for me. […]