1 out of 5..

So! Had a great afternoon at a birthday (: Lot’s of chitchat and serious talks about the future. Some collegues and I were also making plans for maybe moving out together. “Getting myself a new place” is still being worked on, but it doesn’t go as fast as I had hoped for! Oh, well, it’s […]

Application pending!

Two rewards for waking up early and working a lot. This view in the morning And me being able to make a trip to Australia! My visa request is officially pending, so I’ve got almost everything handled for departure now! Despite being tired and all I must say I was very lively today. I don’t […]

36 hours

Finally home! I’ve been up for a while now. I’ve seen the sun rise, set, rise and set again (yes, I should definitely get some sleep), busy doing fun stuff with new and old friends. ‘Going out with people I don’t know’ CHECK. Well it was a party yesterday, did not went ‘out’, but it […]

Yes, girl!

Had a great two days. Said almost yes to everything when it came to social activities and I’m glad I did! Met lot’s of new people and laughed with the old. Last night and today when cycling home I thought to myself: Whatever may come, it may be great! So just say yes from time […]


Ever have that you’re so enthousiastic about something you’re going so fast, you just need to slow down for a moment? Well, I have. For the ones who read my latest posts, you probably know I’m all busy with researching and mindmapping and what not! This morning I came to the conclusion I’m on the […]