Inspiration: Ted Talks – How boredom helps you do your best thinking

I love an inspirational talk and I love watching Ted Talks on creativity and psychology.

Nowadays when we ask “How are you doing?” besides answering with simple standard replies with no real meaning, we tend to answer “Good! Busy!”, as if being busy is the norm of today. Is it a social status? Being bored or daydreaming apparently is good for your brain to make connections.

So if you’re looking for a little inspiration today, are always busy or think you’re not as busy as ‘should’ be, watch Manoush Zomorodi’s talk like I did!

Manoush Zomorodi – How boredom helps you do your best thinking


4 Replies to “Inspiration: Ted Talks – How boredom helps you do your best thinking”

  1. I’ve always done my best thinking and work when a little boredom has hit me. It’s the best time to be creative and thoughtful too. I’ll try and watch the TED talk as it sounds interesting.

    1. I agree. It’s a combination of having that “shower” or “middle of the night” moment when you give your head a rest and then focus your energy into that sudden idea. Instead of letting it happen, the idea is to create those moments consciously. Balance is key (:

      1. Exactly. I like a ‘middle of the night’ moment, some of my best ideas come then.

        1. Yes! When you stumble out of bed to find the closest piece of paper and a pen, haha <3

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