The 28-F/F/F challenge: day 9

Why day 9? I have no clue. It’s the first time in days I finally had some time to do stuff besides work and research.
Though busy I cannot complain!
Had a great day yesterday after work with my friends. Thanks for dinner ladies❤ it was enlightening to say the least?. Most interesting stuff is being dicussed when you’re out with girls for dinner!
Well you’ve got to keep alternating, right? As I noticed last couple of weeks just sitting behind the computer to write that thesis does something to your brain and body? and it doesn’t have anything to do with happiness, I can tell you that.
So in between school and work I agreed with myself to challenge myself on three things.. 3 feasible things that actually benefit my time left until graduation. I at least want to make the 28 days.
Fitness (once a week is a minimum) for my back pains and state of mind, Food to stay energised without overeating myself with snacks & not touching my Face, which is what I unconsciously do when I stress out.

So how did I do?



I just got back from skating. Terrifying much! I’m not a hero at stopping, especially when going down from a hill?. Look at those hands flapping. Luckily my brother was so kind to go with me and save my ass when necessary besides the protection gear I bought today. Well, it’s good cardio. I felt my ass and not because I fell?
2 other days I put in some resistance training at home before and after typing on the computer. It’s not that I’m back to exercising like I did when I lost 20kg, but I can honestly say I narrowed down my intake of painkillers. I says progress!


When it comes to Food I cannot say I only chose healthy snacks.. You know.. Sometimes a craving demands an answer? like that cheesecake. In my defence it was a reward for getting things done that day?. Nah.. I definitely didn’t do to well on this part of the challenge. I had my moments.


BUT! I did notice I chose more wisely and left heavenly and sugary stuff more often than first. Let’s keep that up and even do better (:

When it comes to my Face I’m actually very pleased with how I did! I took care of it every day and use a Korean skincare mask at times which helps my skin to calm down. It is in the cutest red tomato? I think I’m falling in love with Korean skincare. I haven’t seen anything like it yet. Any experiences?
Anyway my skin looks cleaner an less troubled. Me likey❤
Oh well, if the Face is doing great why not see a hairdresser too??
So I did today to get rid of my split ends (: Now I can grow my hair long again until it needs a cut. That’s a challenge for another day.. Maybe years actually ? How do you ladies keep the appearance up? (:

Oh how about a challenge to add to my list for later?! I watched my friend abseiling this week! Courageous woman you are? that height!

It was great to write again. Time to chill out! Research group tomorrow! Weekend, what’s that?

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