The 28-F/F/F challenge: How to survive a busy week

Seriously, I believe my social life is slowly dying. I’ve got two more weeks left to finish my thesis and my head goes like MASSIVE WHIRPOOL OF THOUGHTS! and The Flash is nothing compared to my heart racing..
If anything I’m proud I turned in two deliverables this week for two different modules. Now I can finally go back to trying to make that deadline.

In short for the ones who have no idea what my F/F/F challenge is. It’s about fitness, food and not touching my face. Seeing al these three together it basically comes down to taking care of myself. And at this very moment taking care of myself is the best I can do to go through this busy period in my life.


I’ll be honest.. I’m going to rip the bandate of right now, I’m gonna let the fitgirls and boys down. That once a week fitness? Didn’t happen once this week :’) Mo! Where is your strenght for Gods sake?!
Well.. I used my foamroller for my backpains..? Does that count?
The problem is that I feel so weary when I get home from work or when I’m done typing.
On the bright side, I left a lot of junk this week! I won’t lie,  weakness dropped by one a wednessday when Yinling and I were working together that day to keep eachother motivated. I’m not sure we are that good in keeping our heads on the job, because we’ve probably seen more food than laptopscreen..

Awwh, now I’m talking as if I didn’t lay off the junkfood. Besides some chocolate on this particular wednessday and a belated birthday gift (Yinling, you feeder) I made better choices than I did last week. And concidering I came up with the great idea to put myself through a break-up around this time I am proud of myself I haven’t found myself in bed eating icecream straight from the carton.
We may not have been as active as we wish we would have been, but the positive outcome of these kind of get-togethers is that there’s a positive vibe added to a quite stressful life event we call graduating.

With that being said, here goes my first tip:

1. You don’t have to go through a difficult periods alone.
There’s no need to make things harder for yourself than necessary. There no weakness in sharing your moments and ask for some help or company. You’d do the same for your friends. Go see that friend! Have a laugh, have dinner!
Hang out with that bestie!



2. Take a rest when you need one
Go to bed early and take a break from time to time! I even nap for an hour or so when I get home from work before I start doing something. There’s just no use in pushing yourself over the edge. You’re probably gonna get inferior results if you head on anyway. If you have reports to hand in like me, you probably have more work on correcting things afterwards. Besides that staring at your screen while nothing comes out is just a waste of energy you don’t even have. I enjoyed the sun as quickly as possible today. It wasn’t raining today <3 MIRACLES <3


3. Take time to do something you enjoy
Now we’ve discussed rest too and my whole challenge is about taking care of yourself.. Do something you love doing or something you’d like to do but never actually do! Great way to relieve yourself from some stress and why does it all have to be pain and torture that busy week? The more busy the week, the more you’ll appreciate you spending time on yourself (: Why let that opportunity pass?


Taking care of that face, yes, I do!

4. Have a good cry 
Who cares! Trying to surpress all that tension won’t do you any good. Give it some space to go one fresh and with a tat less stress. Or you know.. just take a good breath if you don’t exactly feel like crying. As long as you

5. Don’t skip the meals
The busy week probably tends to get you grumpy already. Why would you even wanna get more monstrous by skipping meals. I know I’m nowhere without my breakfast <3 or any sort of meal I guess :’)


6. Do all the thinking stuff early in the morning
Now I’ve trained myself (you read that right) to get up early I do a lot of things that require focus in the morning. My focus is not that long in general and absolutely worthless when I’m already running out of energy. Plus, when I’ve done all the important things in the morning I feel less guilty taking some time off in the afternoon. MAYBE I’D EVEN HAVE SOME TIME LEFT TO WORKOUT. Oeehhh… cooking my own goose here :’)

Let’s see if I’ll make it to the gym next week..

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