The boat that rocked

So! Whitsundays, very glad I did them. After a spontaneous night out I did an overnight tour on the SV Whitehaven. It was windy and cold, but definitely worth it. No really I wasn’t planning on entering a sailboat a sort of hungover, but I did. Back in the room at 3, waking up at 6. Had a great time with the Swedish girls from the dorm and others staying in the hostel.
I guess that’s what happens when you play the game Ninja, drink and chat and start with one jug per person instead of a schooner. Not to forget the wonderful dance moves we all had.



Not my idea, but you do not hear me complain either! Well ok, maybe the next day, since I don’t possess sea legs and may have been a bit buzzed when we left the port at 8.
The waves, my God. The rocking made me nauseous, but loving it at the same time. You know that weird feeling in your tummy in a free fall? Yeah, that. If you want me to get quiet and shut my mouth, rock me as hard as you can and I’ll get quiet :’) whoa I hate being nauseous.


Met some new cool people and even someone who I’m connected with via via by the music scene. What are the odds that you find each other on a boat at the other end of the world!
Speaking of world’s end. Near the Whitehaven beach, which we visited yesterday (pictures will follow soon, battery dead, it’s so beautiful, so uh white!) they we’re filming the new Pirates of the Caribbean film two months ago. How cool is that?
When it became dark I gazed at the stars on the front of the boat before I went to sleep. It was pitch black on the water, there was nothing else to see than those stars and some tiny lights.
Today our morning started with snorkelling and kayaking. Guess who put on her wetsuit wrong way around! There can be only one idiot on the boat, people. I also stood on a hatch when a crewmember tried to open it from underneath, so it’s not that hard to figure out who the idiot was, not?

Being all salty and smelly from the trip (two minute rinse only when on the boat!) I longed for a shower, but I no longer had a room at the hostel, since I checked out yesterday. Hoping two of my roommates would still be there I knocked on the door. Who are you and what do you want? We’re the friendly words spoken to me. Classy me. A room full of strangers looking at me like I’m some intruder who does not belong in the room.
Sometimes you just gotta be bold and I asked with my biggest puppy eyes if I please could take a shower, because I had no room anymore and my bus would be leaving within 2 hours.
I smell great now and I’m on my way to Rocky! Ready to milk some cows on a 4 hour sleep. The bus is making me all sick again, so it’s best to stop writing now. I’ll reblog when the pictures are there, can’t hold them from you. The Whitsundays we’re beautiful

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