The Chronicles of Narnia: another week in Motown

My life, figuratively speaking. Lions, witches, wardrobes.. Surprises and sudden opportunities always lie ahead and it’s an adventure to go through it.  Something I should embrace according to Pushpa, my best friend (a great opportunity arose today, unexpected, ofcourse not perfectly timed, but one she thinks I should go for. We signed for adventures in life :p). If it’s not winter, Narnia is always coming.

And winter is was! Last weeks I haven’t been able (and willing) to write my blog. Let’s skip the fitness talk too this week :$. As you can see my friends know how to take care of me :’) even if I haven’t seen them for a while.
Allthough, if we are talking about Narnia and wardrobes.. I could definitely invest in a new one. Pants are all way too big, just like my ultra super very expensive red dress I saved up quite some money for before I could buy it :'( Now there are no boobs to fill it anymore.
Besides that I’m still happy with the results, because I feel great 😀 Decided to give away what I don’t need anymore to the ones who can’t afford it (:


Where was I? Ah, yes, winter! Literally missing the rays of sunshine these rainy winter months made me tired AF. Bloodtest results showed I lack vitamin D, let’s just call it a sun deficiency, which at times brought out the witch in me :’) Weariness is no joke, especially not with some bad luck (I’m not even trying to sum up that list, but laptop you is one of them!).
Ah, well.. Narnia is well known for it’s witchy winter era, right? The Lion in me never gives up and brings back summer anyway. If not by myself then with my dearest companions <3

Speaking of which, this whole figurative speech about Narnia has been ignited by my best friend who took me out after work last week to a jazz band at The Suicide Club.
Getting in alone already was an adventure :’) It’s a skybar, sort of hidden in an office / business building. Entry at it’s courtyard (couldn’t even find it standing in front of it :’D ), club itself eight floors higher.
Membership mandatory, but exeptions made this time. The employee at the entrance kept it a surprise though what the bar looked like. Stepping in the elevator, coats left behind, we did not know what to expect. I recall : ‘omg, we’re going on an adventure!!! We’re going to Narnia :’)’


When the doors opened we expected a club with a stage, but instead we walked into the kitchen peronnel and stood there with open mouth. ‘HUH?’
Did we just land on the wrong floor, where the staff is working? :’D
Little did I know one of the employees is someone I already know! An awesome girl I met during that summer course I took in entrepreneurship who welcomed us and pointed us in the right direction. Apparently everyone enters through the kitchen. Nice ‘wow’effect, guys, it worked on us! We thought we brought this adventure on ourselves clumsy as we are.
Walking further we saw everyone dressed in fancy clothes, the jazz band playing for the dining guests and there was us, Pushpa dressed casually, Mo? Working clothes, puma’s, (both with pie stains or icing sugar here or there) and a huge backpack on my bag, since there’s an invisible umbilical cord between my bag and me. I always have it with me. People always ask me if I go camping, it’s that bad.



Beautiful round bar by the way, where we were allowed to get drinks, but buy instantly since they were all well informed through in-ears that we did not have a membership.
All in all, we enjoyed ourselves pretty much and planned to go on these little adventures more often by visiting places we’ve never been before. It was cool!


So, let me think.. Am I missing anything else that occured this week, things I’d normally
post about.
Ah, yes! FOOD! How could I forget. On Valentine’s Day I went out after work with bf to little V! Now I’m writing this that actually could be funny if V didn’t stand 20160215_152234for the Vietnamese food they serve over there.
By the way, this is how you succesfully do a small Valentine’s gift:
1. take cute cupcakes
2. leave them in your bag
3. find them the day after
4. eat the 2 cakes morphed into 1 alone in the train as if you could start crying any moment.





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