The embodiment of not so different

wpid-wp-1441913134420.jpegI always say I’m not just some girl, but when you drag your crush through the city buying a travel bag, to your work, in a photo booth and chit chat with your best friends in a hospital (way too loud!) about him without a break in laughing I’m not so different after all.

When I think about it and observe myself in my thoughts I notice I’m a more nauseating girl with butterflies than I ever thought I was (anyone got a translate for the Dutch word ‘blije huppelkut’?).. And that’s ok (: I feel more me than I’ve been for a long while.

imageSo photo booth! That’s that thing I wrote about yesterday. It’s on my bucket list and now was a perfect time to do this one. The perfect excuse is that I’m leaving for a while on my own to Australia and what better than having some awesome pictures in the pocket? One with your best friend and one with the person you met so unexpectedly just before an important trip in your life. I didn’t see it coming and I cannot make it go away. It’s there and I’m feeling every bit of it.

Ah man, stuff I’m writing is so sweet you’re all getting insta-diabetes. :’D


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