The fire in our hearts

What a day with all that occured! It started with me being such a muddle-head to show up at work 3 hours too early. I had a change of shift and must 20150821_085854have been elsewhere with my head. So I decided to stroll around the city since the weather was great and finally took place at the local Coffee Company for a Chai tea latte, ofcourse!
Whenever I do this there always seem to be something in my brain. One moment I silence my brain and try to relax a bit in the sun and the next my thoughts are overflowing with new ideas. Even though that course is over my mind won’t ever rest storming. The only way I saw to calm my mind was to buy a notebook and write everything down that popped up in my head. One, to give my thoughts some peace, two, to not let any of the ideas go to waste I came up with.
I saw myself writing down so many ideas I started to think about what has been said to me again: find your focus. Here it is, I thought, here I go again.
I like everything I’m writing down, I’d love to do any of these ideas, how the hell do I choose?
It actually bothered me so much I talked about it with a friend who told me there is always something you like best and that’s what I should do. We agreed that it is hard to choose, because there is also a lot of pressure on any of us to make a choice. It seems to be something that must be done, while we think it is ok not to choose at all. It is what is expected of us. But since it is what we have to deal with there is also some acceptance to work on it, to live. Which will be more effective than lingering in the thoughts why it is imposed on us to make choices for the future instead of experience every day and see where it takes us. It is hard to know what you want when you haven’t experienced a lot yet.
Though, this was keeping me busy for a while I quickly came back in the present when I saw something beautiful happen in front of me. There was a man asking two women in public to hear him out and he began to tell a little story about himself ending with him telling them this story was part of an assignment to help him get over his fear to speak, because he is a stutterer.
I almost wanted to yell: Omg! I’m so proud of you, you did wonderfully!
The idea of someone putting himself out there doing something he had never imagined himself doing, cheered me up.
I know there’s someone close to me (actually a couple of them!) going through a rough patch and who isn’t able at the moment to imagine what could be, because what is now is the only thing known to this person. This example perfectly tells how scary it is to go through and do something that is completely new to you (because you don’t know the outcome, you haven’t experienced it yet and can’t imagine), but in the end how difficult you will always survive and the outcome may even be more beautiful than you’d have thought (:

A bit later I went working and afterwards it was finally time for the good stuff! The good stuff was food and in this case part of my quest to test every burger restaurant in town. With a friend I visited De Burgerij and ate a Matterhorn cheese burger, oh my, oh yummie! And as if this burger wasn’t enough we ate some homemade 20150821_192859cheesecake for dessert <3
Well I can say I’m glad I didn’t go for the full option with fries and salad. It was really good food, but that couldn’t possibly have fit in my tummy!

20150821_215148Last but not least we went to see the fireworks show of Italy and The Netherlands at the beach in The Hague. Nothing beats warm summer nights full of laughter and recreation.


When I just got home I noticed this poort little fellow was stuck under our patio door and did my last deed for the day and freed him or her.

Pfoeh, I’m really tired now. It’s time for me to get myself some sleep!


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