The lucky bastard I am

My best picked me up from work unexpectedly to give me this Lucky Travel Bag!


It’s really happening!! I said goodbye to a couple of coworkers and friends today for I will not see them again before it is Monday. All those warm wishes, it feels so awesome <3


Of course there’s no way of celebrating without food like I said yesterday, so I said yes to eating a burger at De Burger. To not get myself any health troubles I went for the grilled chicken, but whoaaah the Burger (yes capital B) my friend ate. It was massive and I believe named De Kuip burger after the station of Feyenoord, thé football (soccer) club of Rotterdam.


And I know it’s more than a month away and that I’ve got Australia ahead of me, but we’re already thinking about Halloween. Could I stripe that awesome sauce outfit from my list this year?

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